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Selfie Pod Red + free clicker!

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The red Selfie Pod is perfect for taking great selfies of yourself and your friends without the need for a camera person. Whether you’re traveling, sightseeing, on a night out, at a festival or simply taking a selfie, the red Selfie Stick is perfect. It comes with an adjustable clip which fits most smart phones, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones. The Selfie Pole extends to 93cm, meaning you can really capture a huge group, or an amazing background.

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  • Selfie Pod Sport for smartphone or GoPro + free clicker!

    REDUCED PRICE! The Ultimate GoPro AND SMARTPHONE monopod!


    The Selfie Pod Sport is our strongest, longest selfie stick, making it ideal for use with your smartphone, GoPro or other small cameras. It comes complete with a black bluetooth clicker to control your phone’s camera.  Made from quality aluminium, it won’t rust, meaning you can take it in the water or on the piste without a care in the world. The Selfie Pod Sport has sections which lock at any point, which means your footage will never be compromised by them spinning or sliding and you can get the perfect picture. It is the perfect Selfie Stick for skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, swimming… in fact any thing you do where you want peace of mind that your awesome footage will come out just the way you wanted it.

    The Selfie Pod Sport comes with a solid locking head for capturing the perfect angle, and a wrist wrap to ensure your phone or GoPro stay secure.

    The Selfie Pod Sport comes with a phone holding clip and a GoPro style mount. Additional GoPro mounts can be found here.

    Product specifications:

    • Weight: 250g.
    • Material: Aluminium.
    • Extended length: 123cm.
    • Condensed length: 43cm.
    • Wrist wrap.
    • 3 Locking Sections.
    • Solid locking head.
    • Includes phone clip and GoPro style mount
    • Comes with black bluetooth clicker


    £29.99 £6.99
    5 out of 5
  • Selfie Pod Deluxe 3 in 1


    The new Selfie Pods Deluxe is a 3 in one system which allows you to take awesome selfies easily, whilst keeping your phone or device charged throughout the day. The lightweight aluminium black selfie stick has locking sections to ensure that your phone stays upright when taking pics, but the best part of the Selfie Pod Deluxe is the clever detachable base. As well as being a device charger, it also has a built in bluetooth clicker for controlling your phone’s camera, and a bright torch built in to the end. This selfie stick is perfect for camping, festivals, and anywhere else you need to top up your phone’s battery or see what you are doing.

    £29.99 £6.99
    5 out of 5